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I founded Freeklime to share my endless passion and enthusiasm for climbing. I’ve been climbing for 15 years and I love all of the climbing styles, from indoor bouldering to Alpinism, and everything in between. My role at Freeklime is to develop our brand, pursue business development opportunities and deliver world class bouldering in an inclusive setting. It’s been a challenging 3 years, opening a start-up business in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I’m really optimistic for what the future holds for Freeklime.


Team leader & Head Route setter


I joined the Freeklime team upon the launch of the business and have been here ever since! My responsibility is to get the best out of the fantastic team around me and work alongside them to devise initiatives, social nights and events which all feed into the Freeklime community. As a member of the setting team, our job is to craft boulder problems which inspire creative climbing movement, while not compromising on safety and accessibility.


Route setter and climbing coach


I joined the team in May 2021 and I work in the coaching and route setting teams. I’ve always been very outdoorsy and was a dog walker before I joined Freeklime! I have been climbing for 3 years and I absolutely love it, but I particularly enjoy bouldering. The opportunity to inspire young climbers through my coaching and route setting is amazing and it's great to see their progression.


NIBAS Course Director, H&S Officer


I have been at Freeklime for 3 years now, and i have a few job roles, my main job is to oversee the coaching and instructing at Freeklime to ensure we deliver the most inclusive and highest quality sessions possible. I'm also in charge of all the outdoor climbing sessions we are running over 2023, and finally I'm also health & safety and Safeguarding officer I work with Chris, Tiff and our Technical Advisor, Danny, to ensure the centre is as safe as possible for all you guys,


Customer Expert


My name is Emily and I rekindled my love for climbing when I started bringing my daughter to classes at Freeklime way back in 2019. I joined the team in late 2022 and love meeting so many wonderful people every day, sharing bouldering with new and experienced climbers alike and working with an amazing team of friends. My favourite part of my role is teaching kids classes and seeing them grow into super cool climbers!


Customer Expert


Hi, I'm Charlie! I've been a part of team Freeklime since late 2022, but before that, I was a Freeklime regular and loved hanging out at the wall. Becoming part of the Freeklime team has allowed me to pursue a career in the thing I love most, all while having fun! I love the problem-solving element of bouldering, and sharing that with a fantastic community and awesome team is the icing on the cake. Also, cake, am I right?


Team Leader & Head route setter


Hey everyone, I'm Max. If you've already visited Freeklime York, you most likely have already seen me. I have been climbing for nearly 6 years now and before Freeklime York I was a regular at our sister gym in Huddersfield. After gaining a good rapport with Chris, I snagged myself a job as team leader of York and am part of the in-house setting team! I'm very passionate about climbing and strive to grow a strong community at Freeklime York and introduce as many people as possible into this amazing sport! 


Line Manager & Lead climbing coach


Hi, I’m Tom ! I joined the Freeklime team since the York centre opened. I’ve been addicted to climbing for 5 years. Climbing is my ultimate passion among extreme sports. I believe that climbing is not just a physical activity, but also amental challenge that requires focus, determination, and problem-solving skills. I am a trained teacher / coach and whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics, or an advanced climber aiming to push your limits. I will endeavour to help you on your journey to reach new heights ! I have a true passion for route setting. One of my favourite parts of the job is designing interesting, inspiring and project worthy bouldering problems.


Customer Expert & Climbing coach


Hello, I'm Lucy! I joined Freeklime when we opened in 2023, after finishing my undergrad in York. I first started bouldering whilst at college, but my love for it really developed during my time at uni (climbing was always much better than revising anyway!). It's been one of the best things for both my physical and mental health as the wall has always felt like such a safe space to be and the vibes are always on point. I'm so keen to be a part of such a welcoming community that'll allow me to develop my own skills as a climber and coach.