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If you home educate your children and want something active to do during the day, our NIBAS Home Ed classes are perfect for you!



  • Just like our regular NIBAS classes, but at a more convenient time for home education needs
  • Covers all stages of NIABS and all ability levels. Ages 7 to 17
  • 90-minute session
  • 20% discount for 8 session block booking
  • Shoe hire included


per month

To book a lesson either ask when you are in the centre, email us at or phone up at 01484 907 026

What's in store?

Our home education NIBAS classes are the perfect option for teaching your youngsters about the fun and active sport of bouldering.

This is a unique sport that develops fine and gross motor skills, critical thinking and problem solving, all whilst getting active and having a blast! These classes are run during the day, so well suited as a physical education activity for home education. We run these sessions across all levels of NIBAS so they are great for someone who is brand new to the sport, up to youth competition level individuals.

These classes are run by one of our team of incredibly knowledgeable and passionate instructors and lasts 90 minutes per session. These classes cover all the same topics, activities and coaching as our regular NIBAS classes, but are run at a time better suited to your schedule.

Like our other NIBAS classes, we offer a 20% discount for booking a block of 8 sessions.

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