World Class Bouldering
Inclusive Environment
Amazing Value for Money

Your first time rockin'?

Don’t worry! It’s easy to get started, there’s no ropes, no helmets and no expensive kit required - you just need to turn up and have fun!


Our Aim is to Connect You to the Thrill of Climbing, Help You Enjoy All of the Benefits, Make Friends and Get Healthier and Stronger.

You'll Be Better Than You Think

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You won't be alone

Our friendly experts will put you at ease and guide you.

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We've all been a newbie

More than half of our visitors are 1st timers!

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Push ups not required

You'll get stronger as you learn. Get fit and have fun!

Your Climbing Buddy

  • Expert advice tailored to your skill level

  • Whether experienced or first time, you'll leave with a deep sense of satisfaction

  • We want to inspire you to climb and will help you reach your peak

  • You can arrive and climb at a time to suit you

  • Join our social events and meet like-minded people

  • Support a local business that hires local people

Let's bring out a boulder you!

1.Mini FREEKs

For kids aged 4-6
2:1 Coach to Climber ratio
Learn the basics of bouldering and staying safe
Fun games and challenges.
Shoe hire included
1 hour session


2.Lil' FREEKs

For kids aged 7-12
2:1 Coach to Climber ratio
Fun and social sessions
Focused on basic climbing technique
1 hour session


3.Give it a go

Adult introductory session
2:1 Coach to Climber ratio
Only £12
Over 18’s
1 hour session


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