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Bouldering Basics

A new beginner class for adults, aimed at those who want to learn the fundamental techniques used in climbing!


Bouldering Basics

  • Aimed at newer climbers
  • 4 classes running in a repeating block
    • Footwork
    • Balance & Body Positioning
    • Tackling overhangs
    • Challenging yourself (Projecting)
  • £15 a class or £50 if booking all 4

£15 or £50 for 4 classes.

per month

To book a lesson either ask when you are in the centre, email us at or phone up at 01484 907 026

What's in store?

Introducing: Bouldering basics - a brand new beginner class for adults.

These sessions are great for anyone who is newer to bouldering and wants to work on getting the basics down. Covering four topics and running fortnightly, theese classes will give you confidence on the wall and are led b one of our expert instructors.

They will run in cycles of four, when all four classes have taken place we'll run them from the beginning again!

you can book theese sessions now online, over the phone or in centre, they cost £15 each or £50 if you want to book the block of 4!


06/05/24: Footwork.
20/05/24: Balance & Body Positioning.
03/06/24: Tackling Overhangs.
17/06/24: Challenging Yourself (Projecting)


09/05/24: Footwork.
23/05/24: Balance & Body Positioning.
06/05/24: Tackling Overhangs.
20/06/24: Challenging Yourself (Projecting)

04/07/24: Footwork.
18/07/24: Balance & Body Positioning.
01/08/24: Tackling Overhangs.
15/08/24: Challenging Yourself (Projecting)

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