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Give it a go

Designed to be an introduction to indoor climbing for beginners, our Give it a Go sessions are fun and engaging but also the right amount of ‘challenging’ too – your arms will definitely be aching by the end!


Give it a go

  • An awesome introduction to bouldering!
  • Headed up by one of our passionate and experienced instructors
  • Learn the basics of bouldering safety, terminology, and technique
  • Our Adult Give it a Go classes are aimed at anyone 18 years and above
  • Begin your bouldering journey on the right foot with this 60-minute session
  • Shoe hire included


per month

To book a lesson either ask when you are in the centre, email us at or phone up at 01484 907 026

What's in store?

Our adult give it a go classes are the perfect way to introduce yourself to the awesome sport of bouldering here at FREEKLIME!

These sessions are aimed at anyone aged 18 and above. Our expert instructors, who have a real passion for climbing, will lead you through the basics of bouldering including safety information, terminology and basic techniques in this fantastic 1 hour session.

After this course you will have the knowledge, confidence and techniques to progress in the sport. The perfect way for you to begin your bouldering journey and ignite your passion for climbing!

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To book on, either contact your local centre or click the book now button above and select the day you want to book for!

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