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How We Are Operating Under Covid-Secure Guidelines

Due to the covid-19 outbreak we have had to change how we do things a little.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Face masks are now mandatory in all areas, except whilst climbing.

Normally we’d love you to simply ‘rock up’ and climb whenever you want, but due to social distancing restrictions and to ensure we remain Covid Secure, all users, even members, wishing to climb must pre-book their session in advance via the website. This is for your own safety and the safety of our staff and other users.

The sessions will run for 1 hour and 45 minutes throughout the day with a 15 minute changeover. The sessions will be limited to a maximum of 40 places to ensure we can maintain social distancing measures. You must stop climbing when the session has ended and leave the centre as promptly as possible to ensure climbers for the next session can enter safely.

Due to the current restrictions, our staffing levels are likely to be decreased and we therefore may be unable to provide the support newer and younger climbers may require. With this in mind, until the Covid-19 restrictions are eased further, we would advise complete beginners or inexperienced climbers to participate with extra caution when climbing at the centre. Intermediate and experienced climbers under 14 years of age may attend the centre but will require 1:1 supervision from someone within their bubble to ensure they abide by social distancing measures and sanitise regularly.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our members and loyal customers for continuing to support the business during this challenging time, we can’t express how much we appreciate this and we look forward to welcoming you back down at Freeklime.

In addition, here are some of the other safety precautions we are implementing in order to decrease the risk of infection from Covid-19 for both our customers and staff when we re-open the centre. These precautions have been implemented in line with Government guidelines and advice from The Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC). Whilst we are taking every precaution we cannot guarantee against Covid-19 infection and you agree to enter and climb at the centre at your own risk.

1. Hygiene

Hand Sanitising

Sanitising will be provided and required of customers as they enter Freeklime.

Customers are also required to sanitise their hands between climbs and before they leave the centre.

Hand sanitisation will be placed as near to the exit as possible. Hand sanitiser will also be placed strategically around the centre. The team will encourage all climbers to sanitise their hands before going into and as they leave the climbing area.

Touch points

Touch points might be iPads, door handles, taps, keyboards, card payment machines etc. The team will clean these with alcohol or disinfectant wipes frequently throughout the day.

Gym equipment

Where a wall has gym equipment, sanitising spray and disposable cloths will be available for customers to clean machines and bars themselves. Posters will be displayed, requiring cleaning before and after use.

Regular cleaning schedule

If we are notified of a COVID case at Freeklime we will have to follow government advice on how to disinfect the area. It is likely this will involve a deep clean of the affected area.

Government Advice Information display

Information posters will be displayed at critical points in the centre. We will produce a short film to educate customers, made available via our website and social media.

Changing rooms & toilets

It is likely that changing rooms and toilets may be pinch points so a specific risk assessment will be written for these areas. We may be forced to close changing rooms or operate a strict 1 in 1 out policy.

PPE for cleaners

Cleaners will be provided with appropriate PPE

Hire Shoes

Hire shoes will be sanitised as normal with disinfectant spray. Whilst there is no evidence of virus transfer through sweat, for confidence, staff completing this work will wear gloves.

Route setting

Route setters will be asked to wear masks. This is due to close and regular contact with used holds and the chalk dust that comes off them.

Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk will be available for sale as a back up to the hand sanitisation we will be required to put in place.


1 person per 9 Sq m of the full publicly accessible area. Freeklime has 836 sq metres available to the public. Thus, Freeklime’s COVID-19 capacity is 92 people in the centre at any one time. This must be strictly adhered to by the team.

Managing Capacity

Once the allowed customer density has been set, we would encourage customers to self-police social distancing rather than expect staff to force strict adherence or through, for example, closing off routes or blocs.

Using customer time slots

Freeklime has put in place a booking system whereby customers book a 1hr 45 time slot (with a 15-minute changeover). There will be a maxImum of 40 people per time slot (including members).


2m Markings

We will put 2m markings on the floor in and if necessary, outside the entrance to remind people of the need to maintain social distancing guidelines. We will also put floor markings in place at other pinch points in the building.

Gym equipment

One person will be allowed on the circuit board, 40-degree board, pull up bar and finger boards at any one time. Social distancing should be adhered to at all times by customers using training equipment.

Masks for staff or customers

Facemasks are now required to be worn at all times unless when climbing. This is Government level guidance for gym operators.

First Aid

Full PPE will be available with each first aid kit. This will include: Mask, glove and protective glasses.

One-way system of entrance/exit

We will separate customers as they enter and exit the building.

ABC Social Distancing posters

The ABC have produced social distancing posters to inform climbers of the need for and issues with social distancing in a climbing wall. These are displayed throughout our centre.