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Kids at Freeklime

Kids at Freeklime

Freeklime is the perfect place to bring children of all ages! Bouldering is a fantastic sport for developing important skills in little ones including motor skills and problem solving.

Bouldering is also great for developing social skills and making friends and is a brilliant activity for helping to improve mental health.

While our number one aim is for you to have a great time climbing our walls, it is important to remember that bouldering and all climbing activities have a risk of serious injury or death, so care needs to taken when supervising in the centre,

Here are a few points to know before you come down to climb:

  • All under 14s should be supervised by an adult whilst using the bouldering wall.
  • Those between 14 and 17 need to be supervised on their first visits.
  • for ages 5 - 17 an adult can supervise up to 2 young climbers.
  • for ages 4 & under an adult can supervise only 1 child at a time.
  • Our kids area is closed at certain times for classes (more details below)
  • Supervising adults may not be able to climb while they are supervising kids on the wall.
    for ages 6 and under you will definitely not be able to climb unless you have a second supervising adult
    for ages 7 and up it will depend on how regularly you've climbed before and how sensible your child is able to be
  • Please contact a member of staff at the wall if you have any questions on supervising kids

If it’s your first visit to Freeklime, one of our amazing instructors will run you through a quick safety induction, letting you know all the information you’ll need to know so that you can keep your little ones safe.

Our kids wall is a brilliant area for kids as young as 3 years old to come climbing! Just be aware that this area is closed whilst we are running our younger classes:
Mini Freeks Lil' Freeks, Wild Climbers, & parties

Check the timetable for your local centre below to make sure you'll be able to use the kids wall and make the most of your session!



You could, of course, book them onto these classes: Mini Freeks for 4-6 years, or Lil’ Freeks for 7-11 years.

That way you can relax in our café area, safe in the knowledge that one of our qualified instructors are making sure that your kids are having a blast and staying safe!

Route setting:

We have our awesome route setters cooking up fresh routes for you to try every week.

Unfortunately they can be quite noisy with their power tools so anyone sensitive to loud noises would have a better experience here on different days or times.

At Huddersfield they will be Stripping and setting on Wednesday and Thursday mornings - early afternoon.

At York the noisy times are Thursday and Friday mornings and afternoons.