World Class Bouldering
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Whether you're looking to start your bouldering journey or develop your climbing skills, our 1 to 1 sessions are tailored specifically for you!



  • 60-minute session tailored to your specific requirements
  • Epic coaching for your level and ability
  • Allow our instructors to share their relentless passion for bouldering with you
  • The perfect session to supercharge your progress on the wall
  • Book these sessions at a date and time that suits you


per month

To book a lesson either ask when you are in the centre, email us at or phone up at 01484 907 026

What's in store?

The 1 to 1 sessions we run are the most flexible and diverse coaching that we offer.

These sessions are awesome for any level of climber because they are tailored specifically to you! If you are brand new to climbing and bouldering and want someone to show you the basics but don’t want to be on a group class, this session will be perfect. If you have been climbing a while and feel you have plateaued and feel you need some help with progressing to the next level, we can assess your strengths and techniques and give the best coaching possible to help you continue to improve.

We can also run these sessions for higher level climbers and boulderers to assess any potential areas for improvement or even revisit the basics to coach techniques from a fundamental level. The great thing about these classes is how, no matter what level you are, you will be getting the absolute best level of training, tailored to you as an individual. You can even add extra people onto the sessions if you and a friend want a 2 to 1 session!

To book a lesson either email or call your local centre, or ask at the desk when you are next in!

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